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Ben Raybin Testifies in Legislature on Civil Asset Forfeiture

October 30, 2019

Ben Raybin Testifies in Legislature on Civil Asset Forfeiture

Ben in CourtAttorney Ben Raybin gave testimony yesterday on Civil Asset Forfeiture at a summer study hearing by the Civil Justice Subcommittee of the Tennessee House of Representatives.

The legislature is currently considering bills to modify the procedures used to take property from citizens through civil forfeiture, which often occurs without criminal charges.

Mr. Raybin has represented several clients in civil forfeiture cases, including obtaining a successful result in the Tennessee Supreme Court in State v. Sprunger, which is currently the preeminent decision on the issue.

Earlier this year, Mr. Raybin secured the return of over $80,000 in currency a judge ruled had been illegally seized.

At the legislative hearing, Mr. Raybin told representatives about the problems he has seen in the civil asset forfeiture process and advocated for reforms to protect the rights of the innocent and persons whose rights have been violated.

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