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Orders of Protection

October 22, 2019

Orders of Protection

Ben on TV Firm attorney Ben Raybin was interviewed on the Channel 4 evening news yesterday regarding Orders of Protection. Orders of Protection, also known as “restraining orders,” are a way for domestic violence victims to receive protection from their abusers.

If granted, the order will forbid the person from contacting, abusing, or coming around the victim. Should the order be violated, it would constitute a criminal offense. An assault that occurs while an order is in effect is escalated to a felony.

Ben Raybin explained during the interview that even a Facebook “like” can constitute a violation. Moreover, indirect communication (like telling someone else to contact the victim) can also violate an order of protection.

Orders of Protection can be obtained without an attorney at no cost. However, you have the right to hire an attorney to represent you when seeking an order of protection. Similarly, if an Order of Protection has wrongly been taken out against you, you have the right to hire an attorney to defend yourself in court.

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